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Dr. Andrea Moda

The Clinic

Andrea Moda - Osteopata a Milano
Dr. Andrea Moda's office is located in Via Gallarate 11, Milan, 20151
PPG Stress Flow Andrea Moda

Tools available: PPG Stress Flow

It is a non-invasive and rapidly executed diagnostic device that evaluates and predicts the athlete's performance and state of form, and in the common person, the state of stress of the nervous system.

Through a plethysmographic measurement applied to the extremities of the upper limbs, the test evaluates the activity of the autonomic nervous system thanks to the analysis of the cardiac variability index (HRV).

abstract Background

The data collected allows us to evaluate:

Training tolerance: We measure the athlete's ability to sustain intense workloads and identify any weaknesses that require an adaptation of the training program.

Inflammatory state and psycho-physical stress: We monitor the levels of inflammation and the psycho-physical stress of the body, providing valuable indicators for the prevention of injuries and the improvement of the athlete's general well-being.

State of fatigue and overtraining: We identify the first signs of fatigue and overtraining, allowing us to intervene promptly to optimize recovery times and prevent possible relapses.

Esempio Report PPG

Thanks to this measurement you will know in advance whether you are in a position to train in a high-performance manner or, on the contrary, you are at risk of over-training, i.e. in a phase in which the athlete will not obtain any improvement from training.

The final objective is to predict drops in performance, improve the management of loading and unloading cycles, avoid excesses of psychophysical stress and accumulations of fatigue, optimize training, reduce the risk of injuries and avoid overtraining syndromes.

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