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Dr. Andrea Moda - Osteopath in Milan

The Osteopathic session

The session lasts 40-60 minutes and is made up of several phases: Anamnesis and review of any instrumental tests, objective examination, osteopathic manipulative treatment, patient dismissal.
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Medical history

The anamnesis is aimed at collecting information about the patient's clinical history and lifestyle in order to frame the problem and identify its cause. In particular, I will ask about the onset of the symptoms, their location, intensity and the functionality of all the structures related to the affected structures. If the patient has any previous clinical and instrumental examinations, it is advisable to bring them with them.

Objective examination

The objective examination consists of observing the patient and performing a set of diagnostic tests in order to confirm the cause of the pain. Specifically, the posture, balance, plantar support, mobility of the spine, the presence of possible antalgic attitudes, etc. will be observed. Only after the anamnesis and the objective examination will I be able to understand if I can take charge of the patient or if I need to refer them to a medical consultation.

Andrea Moda - Osteopata a Milano
Andrea Moda - Osteopata a Milano

Osteopathic treatment

At this point the patient will lie down on the table and the actual treatment will begin.

abstract Background

Osteopathy, an effective treatment for all ages

Osteopathic treatment is indicated at any age, from children to the elderly. Thanks to the variety of approaches that characterize the profession, the Osteopath will choose the technique best suited to the patient's needs, the patient's condition and his therapeutic objective, choosing the most suitable approach which may include gentler or deeper techniques and a slower or faster pace.

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