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Andrea Moda - Osteopata a Milano


Agreements for companies and sports clubs: take care of the well-being of your employees or your athletes.

Improve the well-being of your workers or athletes

The Andrea Moda Osteopathic Practice offers personalized agreements for companies and sports clubs that wish to improve the well-being of their workers or athletes. Visits at discounted rates, discounts, priority bookings and more.

Andrea Moda - Osteopata a Milano

What we offer

  1. Osteopathic visits at discounted rates.

  2. Discounted packages.

  3. Priority in booking appointments.

  4. Postural assessments and periodic screening.

  5. Information and FAD or remote courses on osteopathy and physical health at work and ergonomics.

Why Choose me?

Experience and Expertise

Andrea Moda is an osteopath D.O. BSC with many years of experience in the treatment and management of work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Personalized Approach

Each agreement is designed and adapted to the specific needs of your company or sports club (times, duration, frequency).


Discounted rates for companies and sports clubs.

Corporate Welfare

Ease of inclusion in Corporate Welfare programs, 100% deductible.

Andrea Moda - Osteopata a Milano
Andrea Moda - Osteopata a Milano

Contact us for a tailor-made agreement

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