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Dr. Andrea Moda - Osteopath in Milan
Agreements for Companies and Activities
Take care of the well-being of your employees or workers
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Agreements for companies and commercial activities in the Certosa, Portello and Fiera Milano City areas

If you are the human resources manager of a company or the owner of a commercial business in the Certosa, Portello and Fiera Milano areas, contact us to request an agreement with my studio.

What can the agreement include?

  • Osteopathic visits at discounted rates directly in the company.

  • Osteopathic visits at discounted rates in the studio.

  • 100% deductible company welfare plan.

  • Priority in booking appointments.

  • Postural assessments and periodic screenings in the company.

  • Information and FAD or remote courses on osteopathy on topics of your choice or on physical health and ergonomics at work.

business team
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Why choose me?

Andrea Moda is an osteopath with many years of experience in the treatment and management of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

  1. Each agreement is designed and adapted to the specific needs of your company (times, duration, frequency).

  2. Discounted rates for companies and sports clubs. 

  3. There are no extra costs for materials and travel

  4. Ease of inclusion in Corporate Welfare programs, 100% deductible

 Stretta di mano


  • Workers and collaborators of the affiliated company

  • Relatives of workers and collaborators


  • Reserved discounts on osteopathic treatments (20%)

  • Facilitated access to visits and treatments.

  • Individual treatment plans to achieve their goals.

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To find out more about our agreements and to receive a personalized quote, contact us on +39 3386441883 or write to

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